Ann Dragich and Company is a NYC based tap dance company rooted in dance theater.

Work Samples

Ann is currently working on a show for youth programing, exploring a range of choreographic styles and musical feels. The purpose of this project is present students with an accessible gateway to jazz music, through jazz fusion styles.
"A Tap Dance Epic" 


“First Day in a New City”    Music: “Minor Blues” - Kenny Barron Trio

“Relations Become Strained”   Music: “Teach Me Tonight” - Nicole Henry & The Eddie Higgins Trio

“Class Time”   Music: “Donna Lee” - Charlie Parker and “St. Louis Blues” - Jamey Aebersold

“Girl on Her Own”   Music: “Poetic Finale” - Antonio Pinto

“Busy Streets”   Music: “Pay to Play” - Nirvana

“From the Outside Looking In”  Music: “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me” - Django Reinhardt


Valerie Baloga, Ann Dragich, Moreen Jiang, Sandra Kluge, Kelcey Matheny, Nicole Ohr (1/27 & 1/28), Clare Perret, Gwen Potter, Edward Tolve

"Rainy Day"


Ann Dragich and Sandra Kluge

"Ann's Soft Shoe" A soft shoe with dancers Sandra Kluge and Ann Dragich to the musical theater tune "Easter Parade" played by Oscar Peterson.


"Hide and Seek" A funky duet to a jazz funk tune by the band who defined jazz funk. The Meters play "Sehorn's Farm"

"Gregory Wannabe Dance" A Jazz-Rock Fusion example with Dancers Edward Tolve, Sandra Kluge and Ann Dragich. Music- David Foster "Playing with Fire"

"Outside of Space" is named after the tune the choreography is performed with, by Chick Corea. An avant garde selection.

Photo Credit: Marcia Bricker Halperin Courtesy of Spoke the Hub